About Kris Freeman

Kris Freeman

Smart Bowen Therapist, Dip., Applied Myoskeletal Therapist, TMJ Specialist, Dorn Method Practitioner, OldPain2Go® Practitioner, BWRT® Practitioner, 4Rs Protocol® Practitioner, Qigong Practitioner, Certified Hand Analyst (Soul Psychology)
bwrt@krisfreeman.com.au                                                                                                                                     0411 703 109

My life has been so positively affected by Bowen Therapy that I undertook the Diploma in Bowen Therapy with Smart Bowen Therapy International College. I want to share this unique modality and others I have learnt along the way to allow more people to heal their own bodies as I have done. Having completed my post graduate courses in TMJ Foundation work, the Dorn Method, Applied Myoskeletal Therapy, OldPain2Go® and as a side interest, Spring Forest Qi-gong Healing and Hand Analyst Certification, I am now even more convinced that I am on path and exactly where I am meant to be in the realm of healing.

Prior to health issues that changed my perspective on life, I was a Female Entrepreneur and Owner of a multi-award winning Calendar Company, Freeman Productions (Australia) Pty Ltd.  I owned this company for 15 years.  I won the 2003 Australian Micro Business Awards for the best Manufacturer in Queensland, and the best Home Based Business in Queensland.  I also won the 2005 Telstra Business Awards for the best micro business in Queensland.  I went on to be published in two books, Female Entrepreneurs, Leading Australian Business Women by Leiza Clarke and Stop Mumpreneur Madness by Rochelle Dent. 

My own health journey saw me recover from an inch big hole in my heart that caused hundreds of lesions on my brain together with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome where an extra cervical rib cut off the blood flow completely from my subclavian artery under my collar bone.  Unknown to me, I was born with the hole in my heart and as stress overcame me, damage began to take its toll.  My symptoms included, a feeling of chronic fatigue, short term memory loss, clumsiness, bodily aches and pains, 4 months of vertigo, pins and needles down both arms into my hands, nightly leg cramps and finally pain down the right side of my neck across my shoulders and into my left arm.  It was only then, after many years of suffering, that the hole in my heart was discovered and operated on that my healing began through what I believe was a Divinely orchestrated journey to self discovery.

I was opened up to a whole new world of discovery.  I learnt so much about natural therapies, spirituality and my body's own innate ability to heal.  I was supposed to have surgery to remove my additional rib, but through knowledge gained, I was able to heal myself without surgery. How?  I lost 9 kgs.  Not that easily, but simple, and yet not explained as an option via Western Medicine.  My "dead irreparable brain cells" have almost been completely healed also.  Not through Bowen, but through the journey I took investigating alternative medicines.  My brain was healed through studying to create new neural pathways and through Reiki (with my Spiritual Reiki Master, Kylie Webster) and Spring Forest Qi Gong with Master Chunyi Lin seeing me achieve high distinctions throughout my whole Diploma.  Follow up MRI shows this remarkable healing.  I do believe, though, without the Spiritual healers that I met, and the knowledge they each learnt through their journeys and that they so willingly shared with me, I would not have found myself completely healed, on path and living a better, stress free life.

To illustrate that you too can be pain free, I also have 6 bulging discs at C3/4, C4/5, C5/6, T9/10, L4/5 and L5/S1 as well as mild to moderate arthritis in L5/S1 all of which do not cause me pain now that I am able to keep my body in alignment through Applied Myoskeletal Therapy and with tools from Dorn Method.  The first four were caused by a head on car collision when I was 8 and the last two were from my love of Muay Thai Kick Boxing.  I have a left reconstructed knee from an ACL tear with meniscal tears caused by Netball Super League. I also suffered with Restless Legs Syndrome since my car accident until I recently discovered how to eliminate it allowing me to sleep better.  So you can see, you too can be pain free, no matter how degenerative your body is.

I am now following my soul's purpose, and am fully loving this new direction my life is taking.  It is an incredible joy to allow a person's pain to heal and the Therapies that I have now studied are extraordinary healing modalities that truly heal and they resonate deeply with my spiritual values. I believe I was gifted with the very best of teachers.

I give much gratitude for my skills to Brian Smart of Smart Bowen International College, http://smartbowen.com/  John Garfield of College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy http://appliedmyoskeletal.com.au, Thomas Zudrell for his Dorn Method http://dorn-method.com, Steven Blake of OldPain2Go® https://oldpain2go.com/Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qi-gong and Ronelle Coburn of Life Purpose Academy http://www.lifepurposeacademy.com/.

I am on a continual journey of learning with the aim to balance mind, body, heart, soul and life.  If you want the same in your life, join me.  Call me on 0411 703 109