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Kris Freeman, Smart Bowen Therapist, Dip., Applied Myoskeletal Therapist, TMJ Specialist, Dorn Method Practitioner, OldPain2Go® Practitioner, BWRT® Practitioner, 4Rs Protocol® Practitioner, Qigong Practitioner, Certified Hand Analyst (Soul Psychology)
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Smart Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue rolling and stretching technique, applied using fingers or thumbs (and sometimes elbow), almost always as near as practical to 90 degrees across the fibres we wish to have the greatest effect on.  Bowen Therapy is applied by stretching the skin and its underlying fascia (connective tissue).

Our moves are done through clothes, so it is important that light weight, stretchable clothing be worn.

Bowen Therapy does sometimes hurt momentarily while a move is being executed, as Smart Bowen is in many cases applied directly over active tender trigger points.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretches may be given to you to do daily to assist in your speedy recovery.

Applied Myoskeletal Therapy allows me to assess your body to determine where it is out of alignment, and then use Bowen to put your body where it is meant to be; in perfect symmetry.  I use AMT to educate you on how to re-educate your muscles to hold your body in its natural state of harmony.

The Dorn Method or Dorn Spinal Therapy uses your movement against my holds, as a safe, non-manipulative way in which to correct and re-educate  your body to also keep your structure aligned.  

NST TMJ Foundation Work has taught me how to get your jaw into its rightful position of "Centric Relationship".  If you are suffering with TMJ disorder, jaw pain, ear aches, clicking or clunking of the jaw, lock jaw, persistant neck or back pain not resolved by other issues or cannot open our mouth wide enough (it should be able to hold three knuckles inside), then you need your jaw aligned and treated.

OldPain2Go® is a talk therapy used to eliminate old, chronic, persistant and unnecessary pain.  It is particularly useful for conditions such as anxiety, fear of driving or flying, arthritis, ME/CFS and fibromyalgia.

I will use my knowledge to determine which modality to use to best assist you to get out of pain.

How I & The Essence of What I Do, Smart Bowen Therapy, can help you:

Kris Freeman, is a Smart Bowen Therapist whose clinic is in the bayside suburb of Manly West, Brisbane, Queensland, known as Wynnum Manly. I studied at Smart Bowen International College where I earned my Diploma in Bowen Therapy.   You can read more about me in the About Me section of this website.

I use Applied Myoskeletal therapy to align your body's misalignments.  I only ever work on a straight body.  Where I find misalignment I will determine which muscle/s is causing your misalignment, then correct it, using Smart Bowen Therapy.  At the end of my sessions, I will give you a Neurological Re-education Exercise to teach your muscles to hold your skeletal structure in its rightful place.  It is important that you do these twice a day for 4-6 weeks.  Together, we are a partnership in your healing.

Smart Bowen Therapy is a dynamic bodywork technique that can be applied remedially or holistically. It is relatively gentle and can be very relaxing. It empowers the body's own healing resources achieving balance and harmony, resulting in fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort. Bowen is an all embracing vibrational medicine therapy, safe to use on any person or animal, from newborns to the elderly, with positive responses to sports injuries, acute or chronic, and organic complaints.

The precise location of the Bowen moves correlate markedly with much of the latest research into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian systems, acu-points and myofascial trigger point theories. The "˜Basic Bowen Move" is a transverse soft tissue manoeuvre. These specialized moves are applied at specific point locations over muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, bringing about a window of opportunity to promote homeostasis of the body tissues and systems.

Bowen Therapy is a system of manually applied myofascial stimulation to the body, carried out either singularly or sequentially, within strategically placed locations, with some designated resting periods (however, I remain in the room at all times and stop only long enough to make notes within my paperwork of my treatment of you).  I amy also use Qi-Gong Healing during these rest periods.

If you are in pain or suffering with any debilitating ailment, call me on 0411 703 109 to make an appointment so that you can receive the health benefits of my treatment. I am looking forward to being of service to you. Please note; I'm not working on Saturdays and public holidays.

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Number of Treatments Required

I have a very high success rate with many problems being solved with just one or two treatments, but of course, there are some that take more treatments.  There are others that need to go onto longer term maintenance programs.  Therefore, there is no set rule about how many treatments are required for each person.  However, it is always my aim to heal you as quickly as is possible. Some people are resolved in the very first treatment!  An example of my results for a condition such as sciatica are:  In a normal healthy person, sciatica is resolved usually within 1 treatment, in the elderly it usually takes 2 treatments and in overweight/obese patients it will take 3-4 treatments.  This is just a guideline but fairly accurate of my results. 

I choose to treat the cause of your symptoms, and as such you will receive a speedier recovery.  See my Testimonials as examples.  

Post Treatment Expectations

After a Bowen Therapy Treatment, patients need to drink plenty of plain water to help dilute and flush the toxins from their systems, and assist the changes to the fascial tissue of the body.

Patients should go for a walk immediately after the treatment session, as muscle movement assists the lymphatic system to function correctly.  Walking for 10 to 15 minutes post treatment and then daily is essential to good results.

Patients can return for their second treatment in 5-7 days time, after the first consultation, if required.  Your body will know if it is needed.  I do not make follow up appointments.  Your body will speak to you and then you will speak to me.  Based on what you feel, will determine whether you need a follow up appointment. 

On the day of the treatment, do not sit for more than 30 minutes at any one time. Breaking your sitting time with just a few steps is sufficient.  Lying down is okay.

No sport, or heavy work activity on the day of treatment, and no excessive sport for 2 to 4 days after the treatment, where possible.  Also definitely no hot showers.

Research shows that the Basic Body Balance will address approximately 80% of all problems, however, I treat specifically the cause on the first treatment giving me a much better success rate.

Reactions to treatments range from itching, body aches, headaches, and even emotional releases may be experienced post treatment.  Individuals react differently and vary from feelings of weightlessness and euphoria to feeling as though they had "been hit by a truck".  Any of these reactions should be considered a positive sign that the healing process is working.  Must people feel tired and should have a good sleep post treatment.

It is important that you have no other treatments from other modalities between Bowen Therapy treatments as neither the patient or the Therapist will know which therapy was effective. 


A good therapist knows when to refer onwards rather than continue trying to treat a problem without success.  It may be that your body requires other modalities to assist you on your journey to wellbeing.  And as such, referrals will be given to you where needed.  This could include, acupuncture, naturopathy, reiki, hypnotherapy, medical requests such as x-rays, ct scans, orthopedic surgeons etc.  It is therefore, important that you give me honest feedback.  If you feel nothing, I need to know as this is highly unusual. 

Bowen Therapy Fees

First Increase in 11 years July 2024


Initial Consultation:

up to 1-1.5 hours - $130.00

  • Confidential Medical Information Form needs to be completed

  • Full body assessment and realignment
  • Direct targeted healing

  • Special attention given to areas of discomfort

  • Neurological Re-Education Exercises given to keep your body aligned

Follow-Up Consultations: 

from 45-60 minutes - $100.00

  • Evaluation of previous treatment

  • Further direct targeted healing with deeper penetration

  • Remedial work done if needed (specific to your pain or injury)




Bowen Therapy Hours

Mondays and Tuesdays:

1st Appointment at 7.00am. 

Last appointment is at 5.45pm.


1st Appointment at 7.00am. 

Last appointment is at 9:00am.


1st Appointment at 7.00am. 

Last appointment is at 3:00pm.


No Appointments. 


1st Appointment at 8am.

Last Appointment is at 11am.


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